ACS Reporting Feartures

The key to maximizing conversion of visitors into customers is simple - supplying the visitors what they need to buy. Achieving that isn't so simple but ACS business intelligence and reporting services can help achieving it better than any other enterprise eCommerce platform

ACS gives you site analytics integrated with all major analytics platforms like Google, WebTrends, Omniture etc. and built-in eCommerce transactional reporting features that enable analysis of what your visitors' are viewing and purchasing.

ACS reports are comprehensive and meet the most advanced needs, but are simple enough for the novice with instantly familiar navigation and export features

ACS delivers business intelligence that enables the online retailer to determine what efforts are generating the most revenue.

  • All reports are managed driven by SQL Reporting Services, industry standards based configurable enterprise eCommerce reporting architecture
  • Store specific reports and export capabilities for around 25 built-in reports
  • Design and publish custom reports using SQL Reporting Services Report Designer and link it using the web based administration console using shop configuration without much IT help or training
  • Product popularity graph by sales, cart and by views.
  • Graph of sales volume over the last 7 days, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year and custom date ranges
  • Comprehensive administrative reports, including revenue, taxes, inventory, repeat customers etc.
  • Sales and Order summary dashboard
  • Monthly sales report with easy to use next month and previous month buttons. Includes order number, sales amount, shipping cost, tax amount, discounts, and coupons. Totals for all fields shown at the bottom of the page. A graph at the top of the page shows sales by day for the month.
  • Product low inventory report showing product which are at or below the reorder level.
  • Top customers report showing sales volume, and number of orders placed.
  • Real time shopping cart report with link to view the basket details. If the customer entered their information there is an opportunity to contact the customer to save the sale or identify the reason.
  • Sales summary by month from affiliate referrals
  • View Shopping Carts and Wish lists real-time
  • Tax report by tax code with selectable time period.
  • Integration to Windows SharePoint Services and Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 (ACS Professional Services)

Transactional reporting services and storefront site analytics can help you to determine:

  • Marketing effectiveness
  • Customer needs
  • eCommerce sales performance
  • Buying patterns
  • Purchase preferences
  • Buying habits of repeat customers
  • Cost per visit and customer

eCommerce conversion rate reporting is essential to understanding the success of your ecommerce site, sales promotions, merchandizing, A/B testing and marketing programs. Conversion rate reports on the visits to your site that result in shopping cart and orders. ACS reporting services over time can help you determine how effectively your marketing and website are turning visitors into customers.

  • Product sales performance
  • Popularity of products, brands, stores, content pages and departments
  • Visitor behavior on your website including entrance and exit pages
  • Total time spent in the Storefront
  • Navigation of a customer through your Storefront

Most online businesses fail to give report analysis the attention that it deserves due to lack of integrated reporting that is managed using a robust reporting engine. Reporting allows owners, administrators and managers running an online business to easily see whether their business is performing well or not, and by analyzing reports they can see opportunities as well as areas that are in need of improvement.

Accurate and complete reporting is crucial to evaluation of business conditions and success in online retail.