ACS Multiple Languages and Currencies

ACS has built-in support for multiple languages and currencies. The platform can be configured to support almost any language, including Unicode languages. Shoppers can select from all configured languages. It is up to the store administrator to create the appropriate localized content for each language.

One of the important advantages of the internet commerce is the lack of national borders. Thus, if you are a store owner, you have a great opportunity to sell your products to international customers directly. Also if you are using multi-language ecommerce software you can receive orders from customers who even do not speak your native language. Multi-language eCommerce Platform Solution gives an ability to bring your store onto the international market and increase your sales dramatically.

ACS can be configured to support almost any currency. Once multiple currencies are configured, the store can be configured to allow currency selection or can default to a currency based on site URL or another currency selection mechanism. All store pricing is displayed and calculated in the chosen currency. Administrators can manage multi-currency stores by providing currency-specific prices for each product in the catalog. Multi currency prices are also supported for all transactions including shipping rates using ACS eShip Enterprise and major payment gateways.

With ACS, you can create multiple storefronts, each with their own language and currency configurations. That way, you can reach out to your customers with ease of use and individual preference significantly increasing your Storefront conversion rate.

  • Supports dynamic run-time language switching in the Storefront and Administration Module (Static content based on resource files and dynamic language based content from the catalog or web page content in the database).
  • User can select store language at run-time.
  • Store administrator controls allowed languages for a specific store
  • You can implement ACS to supports specific Storefront template per language (allows you have a unique look & feel for the Spanish site for example)
  • Users can select store currency to view at run-time