ACS Multi-Store, Multi-Channel eCommerce

ACS allows you to create and manage multiple stores and marketing channels using a simple use and powerful web based administrative interface for brands, affiliates, partners, pricing, demographics, SEO, clearance, micro-sites, seasonal events, distributors, B2B branded sites, promotions or marketing.

Cross-channel retailing presents customers with the ultimate convenience in shopping, facilitating uniform and consistent purchasing options across multiple stores, catalogs and channels they are most interested in rather than presenting them with a list of products from a catalog on a site.

A cross-channel multi-store strategy gives customers the ability to order online from any storefront and fulfill the order from a central ERP, or it could be as simple as honoring gift cards through all sales channels. By implementing a cross-channel strategy, retailers benefit in several ways: recapturing lost sales opportunities; improving customer satisfaction through convenient services and fulfillment of customer requests; taking advantage of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities when customers are visit storefront to check orders status online. ACS work seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics platform such as CRM, NAV, GP or AX to deliver excellent fulfillment and customer service.

Self-Service Multiple Storefronts using Extendrum Customer Experience Portal

You can leverage on-demand selling and marketing capabilities of ACS to increase sales conversion. With multi-store self-service customers can check the status of their order, manage service requests, update profiles, wish lists, gift registries etc. at their convenience. You can deliver multi-channel marketing for multiple branded storefronts through email, easily updatable online catalogs, and catalogs offered through multiple distribution channels and stores. Launching a new product can return extremely unpredictable results. By testing product acceptance before booking large orders, some online retailers are able to gauge product order quantities much more precisely. Understanding your audience -- getting a handle on what will sell and what won't sell before you order inventory -- can help immeasurably. Gaining a little insight to make an informed decision can cut costs that amass from product surpluses.