ACS Enterprise Resource Planning

ACS integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX/GP delivers enterprise financial, accounting, manufacturing, supply chain management, inventory, warehousing and operations management features. Microsoft Dynamics NAV/GP/AX entities such as Product, Order, Customer are integrated to the corresponding ACS entities and they are fully synchronized in real-time using Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) services.

ACS integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX/GP help your people measure financial effectiveness, gain insight into business performance, and work better together. Successful companies need the right software to help them manage their financial accounting, supply chain, project accounting, field service, and human resources processes. Products that contain integrated business applications to automate and manage these processes are referred to as enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

ACS integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX/GP delivers:

  • Maintain control of your finances and manage them with a high level of efficiency.
  • Make complete, current financial information and reports available to anybody who needs that information to perform business planning.
  • Simplify and automate routine and repetitious functions so that your employees can focus on more critical tasks.
  • Create the required financial and other reporting that is needed to realize regulatory compliance.
  • Connect your entire supply chain in a productive, fast-moving flow to help streamline manufacturing and reduce inventory carrying costs.
  • Increase efficiencies in distribution to improve customer satisfaction and reduce the cost of doing business.
  • Fulfill the potential and increase the loyalty of your workforce while minimizing the cost and complexity of administering salaries, benefits, recruiting, and performance management.
  • Accomplish project goals and achieve outstanding results within budget, on time, and with excellent resource efficiency.
  • Look deeper into key performance factors-and pinpoint your most profitable customers, most efficient vendors, and potential issues within your organization that require swift action.
  • Meet the unique needs of your industry with specialized functionality tailored to your vertical industry business processes.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions can help you respond more rapidly to the changing business climate so that your people can make timely and informed decisions with increased confidence. Our partners build on the standard functionality in Microsoft Dynamics to deliver powerful industry solutions that meet industry-specific needs. Delivered through a network of channel partners providing specialized vertical services, these adaptable business solutions work like and with familiar Microsoft software to streamline processes across an entire business.

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